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Revisions, repairs, upgrades or more research can be necessary. Know that it may be difficult to get things locked down or confirmed. Someone could re-neg on a promise or let you down in some other way. Build extra patience, time, or budget into your expectations.

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Time is moving forward. Through the middle of November, Mars in Libra, loans you more reason to pick yourself up and get going. It is a good transit for spruce ups of all kinds, whether that is to do with where you live or how you live. Mercury in Scorpio starting October 3 and Venus in Scorpio starting October 8 loan you deeper insight and help you to make the most out of what you have to work with.

Precession and astrology

Pay close attention to instincts and intuition. They can provide powerful clues.

October 6 onward, sets wheels in motion. You could break the ice with someone, come to a new understanding, discover a new option or opportunity. Mercury and Venus set you up for a breakthrough. The full moon in Aries on October 13 Thanksgiving weekend in Canada can provide the opportunity to heal, to repair, to take a well-deserved break, or to play catch up.

The week or two that follow can be easier and smoother going than earlier in the month. The new moon in Scorpio on October 27 can kickstart something unexpected. Take full advantage of the opportunity, but also be aware that Mercury in Scorpio begins a retrograde cycle on October 31 to November Whatever you face, know that there are likely to be added complications and that it will take extra time to get it sorted out.

Along with the recent completion of Saturn retrograde, the end of Pluto retrograde October 3 can help you to make better progress regarding health, studies, a renovation project or a work-related matter. In addition to boosting your social life, Mars in Libra provides you with more viable avenues and options to explore. Use this Mars transit to spruce up your appearance or your offerings. Sometimes competition can be good incentive, especially when it helps you to up your game.

Coinciding with the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, October 13 delivers a full moon in Aries. Pluto is in tension to this full moon so know you could feel overtaken or overpowered by an emotion or obsession, the wants and needs of another, or strong-armed y circumstance. The new moon in Scorpio on October 27 can crack something open, set wheels in motion, or see you turn an important corner re a renovation project, a health or personal issue.

Mercury in Scorpio begins a retrograde cycle on October Be prepared to switch tracks. Something could come unglued or require more investigation, revision, or investment.

Sun enters Scorpio

Has something been holding you up? Mars in Libra loans you support from a background position, helping you to get back in touch with the parts of yourself that may have gone missing in recent months β€”and with folks too. Watch for October 6 to 14 to set wheels in motion. There can be a mix of stress and opportunity leading up to the full moon on October It could be a breakthrough time.

The week or so that follows can set you up for smoother run. Keep a new relationship or a new financial prospect under wraps until you see if it holds water.

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Consider all options, but, hold off on a full commitment. The new moon on October 27 could thrust the action switch in some unexpected way. Once Mercury in Scorpio turns retrograde October 31 to November 20 your feelings, finances, or circumstance could change. Have you felt weighted down, stalled, or as if you have been traveling with the brakes on these past few months?

Progressively, choices, priorities, and timelines will define themselves.

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This transit triggers a new perspective on personal needs and involvements. It also prompts a sense of outgrowing yourself or your past. This sentiment can hit home even more by the end of month especially around the time of the new moon in Scorpio on October 27 and into the first half of next. While Mercury retrograde starting October 31 can prompt soul searching and second guessing, you know you are too far along to backout now.

Incentive is not in short supply! October opens with four planets setting wheels in motion: Pluto ends retrograde October 2 Mercury enters Scorpio and Mars enters Libra on the same day October 3 , and Venus enters Scorpio October 8. Expect to hit a fresh track or gain a fresh wind over the first two weekends of the month, especially so October 6 and 12 β€” Mercury and Venus in Scorpio keep you focused on meeting a goal or getting it under better control.

Following what is likely to have been a busy week, the full moon in Aries on October 13 can see you bust through a wall or turn the corner with a project, circumstance, challenge, or dilemma. This full moon is in constructive angle with Pluto and well supported by Jupiter in good shape with the sun sextile and Mercury in good shape sextile to Saturn.

Busy days continue. The new moon in Scorpio on October 27 could act as another significant trigger point of the month. This new moon action may be a precursor to Mercury retrograde in Scorpio which starts on October Jupiter in Sagittarius has spent most of this year in dialogue with Neptune. Either you have felt this transit as good flow, as all promise and no delivery, or as continuous uncertainty. Perhaps it has been a combination of all three. The peak of the cycle is now surpassed.

Progressively over this month and next, Jupiter will be disengaging with Neptune. In so doing, the Jupiter transit will help you to gain a better sense of direction and to pick up better speed. Look to Saturn and Pluto, now done with retrograde cycles, to assist you to a steadier gait. Mars in Libra starting October 3 can get you going on something or someone new. There can be a relationship, lifestyle, career or financial issue to confront or a change to make.

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If so, know that Mars sets a trigger, but that the circumstance is a process. You can expect to be in the thick of it with this matter through this month and next. Both the full moon in Aries on October 13 and the new moon in Scorpio on October 27 mark significant pivot points. Unlike the past few slow-grind months, October is set to moving it forward in whatever spells growth for you. Stay observant. Take your time to feel your way along. Mercury enters Scorpio on October 3 and tours retrograde in this sign from October 31 through November Saturn has recently ended retrograde and as of October 2, Pluto in Capricorn will do the same.

You may have felt the past five months as traveling with the brakes on, but the main purpose behind both retrograde cycles have been to cement your inner resolve. Whether you feel it as provoking, challenging, encouraging, or timely, Mars in Libra, starting October 3 and extending to November 18, provides added incentive. What do you want in life? The Vision Love Tarot is a guide to help you with this. Whether your personal opinion involves romance, riches, or personal happiness, you will take giant steps toward success and fulfillment with this five-card reading.

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