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The typified personality of individuals born on December 8 is dependent on the planetary position of Jupiter of Saturn. While the former influences the characteristic traits of all Sagittarians, the latter rules the actual date in which these individuals are born. Together, the two astrologically determine the uniqueness and individuality of those with a December 8 birthdate. People born on this date have pleasing manners and nature.

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Endowed with a cheerful disposition and warm and generous nature, these people are extremely creative and determines. They have a domineering side which mostly acts beneficially to these people. The only thing that December 8 individuals need to work on is their proneness to laziness and lethargy. Lack of confidence and excessively cautious nature are other attributes that December 8 individuals need to check on to lead an unhindered life. They can be headstrong and imperious at one hand and on the other seem to be quite docile and passive. Strong personality changes are expressed through their constantly changing nature and character.

They have the ability to pursue their goals in a very methodical and disciplined manner and are in no hurry. In fact, these people believe in taking one step at a time. Endowed with a caring and generous nature, these people aim for the best of everyone.

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They are good at giving and receiving advice and deal every situation with prudence and caution. Health December 8 individuals are deeply concerned about health and well-being. They are of the belief that psychological health determines the physical healthiness of a person. As such, anything or any activity that makes a person feel good should be done or followed.

By doing it, a person would not only feel happy and elated but the same would help banish stress and tension. Also, it would assist in keeping the blood pressure low and help them sleep well. For a December 8 individual, ill-health or sickness cannot be resolved by taking rest or having medicine but by keeping oneself active and going.

All that December 8 individuals need to take care of is having a stable and healthy emotional life. Finance Individuals sharing their birthdate on December 8 have troubled financial condition. This does not mean they do not earn well. In fact, these people have a stable income to rely on. However, it is their over generous nature that sometimes lead to financial crisis situation. Though these people understand the value of money, they have no control over their spending habit. As such, December 8 individuals need to keep their spending powers in control to enjoy unruffled financial position.

Career Career options for December 8 individuals are wide and varied. These people prefer to work in an occupation that puts them in public eye allows them to meet people on a regular basis. Blessed with communication skills and determination, these people do well in vocations that allow them to use their positive attributes. While their honesty and assertiveness makes them apt for business, management and administration, their adventurous nature makes a career in the entertainment industry a profitable one. Whatever the choice is, these people are likely to excel with their creativity and dedication.

These people enjoy being surrounded by family and friends. Due to their amicable nature, value for relationship and a cheerful disposition, they generally have plenty of friends by their side. As far as romance is concerned, December 8 individuals fall in love easily. However, it is the commitment part that takes a long time, as these people have trouble committing to a relationship.

Only when they are sure of their feelings and emotions do they commit to a relationship. When in love, these people are caring, attentive and considerate. They are fiercely loyal and trustworthy and expect the same in return. Parenting comes naturally to these people. They share an excellent rapport with youngsters and are understanding by nature. Mary, Queen of Scots 44, Scottish. Nicki Minaj 36, Trinidadian, American. Dwight Howard 33, American. Raheem Sterling 24, British. Dharmendra 83, Indian. Jim Morrison 27, American.

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Ian Somerhalder 40, American. Kim Basinger 65, American. David Carradine 82, American. Corey Taylor 45, American.

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AnnaSophia Robb 25, American. Ann Coulter 57, American. Sammy Davis Jr. Teri Hatcher 54, American. Gregg Allman 69, American. Diego Rivera 70, Mexican.

Josh Donaldson 33, American. Badr Hari 34, Dutch. Enzo Amore 32, American.


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Wendi Deng Murdoch 50, American. Matthew Labyorteaux 52, American. James MacArthur 72, American. Flip Wilson 64, American. Horace 57, Ancient Roman. Jean Sibelius 91, Finnish. Sam Hunt 34, American. Sleep is vital to a positive attitude and to a clear mind. They need both of those to pull off the things they do each day.

They could possibly be in a position that handles money and they need to be precise and cautious to be successful. Zodiac Astrology Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 They are sensitive to others and generally, have the ability to make those around them feel special. They have the capability to make their own decisions.

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