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The Aries man or woman always seems to remain young. Their whole approach to life is youthful and optimistic.

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They never say die, no matter what the odds. They may have an occasional setback, but it is not long before they are back on their feet again. Sometimes the Aries man or woman is not very tactful in communicating with others; in his hurry to get things done he is apt to be a little callous or inconsiderate. Often in his eagerness to get the show on the road, he misses the mark altogether and cannot achieve his aims. At times Aries can be too impulsive. He can occasionally be stubborn and refuse to listen to reason. If things do not move quickly enough to suit the Aries man or woman, he or she is apt to become rather nervous or irritable.

The uncultivated Aries is not unfamiliar with moments of doubt and fear. He is capable of being destructive if he does not get his way. He can overcome some of his emotional problems by steadily trying to express himself as he really is, but this requires effort. These are perhaps his strongest qualities. He can always be depended on by his friends, especially those in trouble.

Taurus generally achieves what he wants through his ability to persevere. People can usually take him at his word; he is honest and forthright in most of his dealings. The Taurus person has a good chance to make a success of his life because of his many positive qualities. The Taurus who aims high seldom falls short of his mark. He learns well by experience. He is thorough and does not believe in shortcuts of any kind. The Taurus person tries to get along with others, as a rule. He is not overly critical and likes people to be themselves.

He is a tolerant person and enjoys peace and harmony—especially in his home life. Taurus is usually cautious in all that he does. Before adopting any one line of action, he will weigh all of the pros and cons. The Taurus person is steadfast. Once his mind is made up it seldom changes. The person born under this sign usually is a good family person— reliable and loving. To others, this can be quite annoying. Taurus also does not like to be told what to do.

He becomes rather angry if others think him not too bright.

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He does not like to be told he is wrong, even when he is. He dislikes being contradicted. Some people who are born under this sign are very suspicious of others—even of those persons close to them. They are often afraid of being deceived or taken advantage of. His love of material things sometimes makes him rather avaricious and petty.

Some of them are capable of doing many different things. The Gemini person very often has many different interests. He keeps an open mind and is always anxious to learn new things. Gemini is often an analytical person.

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He is a person who enjoys making use of his intellect. He is governed more by his mind than by his emotions. He knows how to reason, how to make rapid decisions if need be. He is an adaptable person and can make himself at home almost anywhere. There are all kinds of situations he can adapt to. He is a person who seldom doubts himself; he is sure of his talents and his ability to think and reason. He is rather a modern person when it comes to life; Gemini almost always moves along with the times—perhaps that is why he remains so youthful throughout most of his life.

Literature and art appeal to the person born under this sign. Creativity in almost any form will interest and intrigue the Gemini man or woman. The Gemini is often quite charming. A good talker, he often is the center of attraction at any gathering. Some of them are never dependable, no matter what they promise. Although the Gemini man or woman often appears to be wellversed on many subjects, this is sometimes just a veneer. Some Geminis are sharptongued and inconsiderate; they think only of themselves and their own pleasure.

On the whole, he is a loving and sympathetic person. He would never go out of his way to hurt anyone. The Cancer man or woman is often very kind and tender; they give what they can to others. They hate to see others suffering and will do what they can to help someone in less fortunate circumstances than themselves. They are often very concerned about the world. The Moon Child means what he says, as a rule; he is honest about his feelings. The Cancer man or woman is a person who knows the art of patience.

He is a person who knows how to bide his time. Cancer knows how to concentrate on one thing at a time. When he has made his mind up he generally sticks with what he does, seeing it through to the end. Cancer is a person who loves his home. He enjoys being surrounded by familiar things and the people he loves.

Of all the signs, Cancer is the most maternal. Even the men born under this sign often have a motherly or protective quality about them. They like to take care of people in their family—to see that they are well loved and well provided for. They are usually loyal and faithful. Family ties mean a lot to the Cancer man or woman. Parents and in-laws are respected and loved. Young Cancer responds very well to adults who show faith in him. The Moon Child has a strong sense of tradition.

He is very sensitive to the moods of others. It becomes too much for him. The uncultivated Cancer is a bit lazy. He may be lacking in initiative. The immature Moon Child often is given to crying when the smallest thing goes wrong. They make heavy demands on others, and need to be constantly reassured that they are loved. Lacking such reassurance, they may resort to sulking in silence. They seem to be good organizers and administrators. Usually they are quite popular with others. Whatever group it is that they belong to, the Leo man or woman is almost sure to be or become the leader.

Leo is generous most of the time. It is his best characteristic. He or she likes to give gifts and presents. In making others happy, the Leo person becomes happy himself. He likes to splurge when spending money on others. A hospitable person, the Leo man or woman is very fond of welcoming people to his house and entertaining them.

He is never short of company. Leo has plenty of energy and drive. When he applies himself correctly, he gets what he wants most often. The Leo person is almost never unsure of himself. He is a person who is direct in almost everything he does. He has a quick mind and can make a decision in a very short time. He usually sets a good example for others because of his ambitious manner and positive ways. He is a loving person, kind and thoughtful. There is generally nothing small or petty about the Leo man or woman.

He does what he can for those who are deserving. He is a person others can rely upon at all times. He means what he says. An honest person, generally speaking, he is a friend who is valued and sought out. The Negative Side of Leo Leo, however, does have his faults.

At times, he can be just a bit too arrogant. He thinks that no one deserves a leadership position except him. Only he is capable of doing things well. His opinion of himself is often much too high. Some Leos enjoy lording it over others—at home or at their place of business. What is more, they feel they have the right to.

Egocentric to an impossible degree, this sort of Leo cares little about how others think or feel. He can be rude and cutting. He knows how to arrange and organize things. He is a good planner. Above all, he is practical and is not afraid of hard work. Often called the sign of the Harvester, Virgo knows how to attain what he desires. He never shirks his duties, and can always be depended upon. The Virgo person can be thoroughly trusted at all times. The man or woman born under this sign tries to do everything to perfection.

He always aims for the top. He is the sort of a person who is always learning and constantly striving to better himself—not because he wants more money or glory, but because it gives him a feeling of accomplishment. The Virgo man or woman is a very observant person. He is sensitive to how others feel, and can see things below the surface of a situation. He usually puts this talent to constructive use.

He believes in putting his cards on the table. He is never secretive or underhanded. The Virgo person is generally plainspoken and down to earth. He has no trouble in expressing himself. Well-informed, generally, he sometimes has a keen interest in the arts or literature. What he knows, he knows well.

His ability to use his critical faculties is well-developed and sometimes startles others because of its accuracy. Virgos adhere to a moderate way of life; they avoid excesses. Virgo is a responsible person and enjoys being of service. He thinks that only he can do something the way it should be done.

Whatever anyone else does is inferior. In telling others how things should be done, he can be rather tactless and mean. Some Virgos seem rather emotionless and cool. They feel emotional involvement is beneath them. They are sometimes too tidy, too neat. With money they can be rather miserly. Some Virgos try to force their opinions and ideas on others.

It is one of their most outstanding character traits. They are interested in achieving balance; they admire beauty and grace in things as well as in people. Generally speaking, they are kind and considerate people. Libras are usually very sympathetic. They are outgoing and do what they can to help those in need.

People born under the sign of Libra almost always make good friends. They are loyal and amiable. They enjoy the company of others. Many of them are rather moderate in their views; they believe in keeping an open mind, however, and weighing both sides of an issue fairly before making a decision. Alert and intelligent, Libra, often known as the Lawgiver, is always fair-minded and tries to put himself in the position of the other person. They are against injustice; quite often they take up for the underdog.

In most of their social dealings, they try to be tactful and kind.

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They dislike discord and bickering, and most Libras strive for peace and harmony in all their relationships. The Libra man or woman has a keen sense of beauty. They appreciate handsome furnishings and clothes. Many of them are artistically inclined. Their taste is usually impeccable. They know how to use color. Their homes are almost always attractively arranged and inviting. They enjoy entertaining people and see to it that their guests always feel at home and welcome. Libra gets along with almost everyone. He is well-liked and socially much in demand. So eager are they to achieve harmony in all relationships that they will even go so far as to lie.

Many of them are escapists. In a serious argument, some Libras give in rather easily even when they know they are right. Arguing, even about something they believe in, is too unsettling for some of them. Libras sometimes care too much for material things. They enjoy possessions and luxuries.


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Some are vain and tend to be jealous. He is a determined person. He sees something through to the end. When he sets a goal for himself he tries to go about achieving it in a very direct way. The Scorpion is brave and courageous. They are not afraid of hard work. Obstacles do not frighten them. They forge ahead until they achieve what they set out for. The Scorpio man or woman has a strong will. He can care very much for others. He believes in sincerity in all relationships. The Scorpio person is someone who adheres to his principles no matter what happens.

He will not be deterred from a path he believes to be right. Because of his many positive strengths, the Scorpion can often achieve happiness for himself and for those that he loves. He is a constructive person by nature. He often has a deep understanding of people and of life, in general. He is perceptive and unafraid. Obstacles often seem to spur him on. He is a positive person who enjoys winning. He has many strengths and resources; challenge of any sort often brings out the best in him. Often he imagines injury when there is none.

He feels that others do not bother to recognize him for his true worth. Sometimes he is given to excessive boasting in order to compensate for what he feels is neglect. Scorpio can be proud, arrogant, and competitive. They can be sly when they put their minds to it and they enjoy outwitting persons or institutions noted for their cleverness. Their tactics for getting what they want are sometimes devious and ruthless.

If they feel others have done them an injustice, they will do their best to seek revenge.

Their approach to life is earnest and open. Sagittarius is often quite adult in his way of seeing things. They are broad-minded and tolerant people. When dealing with others the person born under the sign of the Archer is almost always open and forthright.

His standards are high. People who associate with Sagittarius generally admire and respect his tolerant viewpoint. The Archer trusts others easily and expects them to trust him. He is never suspicious or envious and almost always thinks well of others. People always enjoy his company because he is so friendly and easygoing. The Sagittarius man or woman is often good-humored. He can always be depended upon by his friends, family, and coworkers. The person born under this sign of the Zodiac likes a good joke every now and then. Sagittarius is eager for fun and laughs, which makes him very popular with others.

A lively person, he enjoys sports and outdoor life. The Archer is fond of animals. He likes exchanging ideas and discussing various views. If someone proposes an idea or plan that is better than his, he will immediately adopt it. Imaginative yet practical, he knows how to put ideas into practice. He is a forgiving person, and never sulks over something that has not worked out in his favor. He is seldom critical, and is almost always generous.

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They take foolish risks and seldom learn from the mistakes they make. Some of them devote much of their time to gambling. Some are too outspoken and tactless, always putting their feet in their mouths. They hurt others carelessly by being honest at the wrong time. They are undisciplined and waste a lot of energy. He sticks to whatever tasks he has and sees them through. He can always be relied upon and he is not averse to work.

An honest person, Capricorn is generally serious about whatever he does. He does not take his duties lightly. He is a practical person and believes in keeping his feet on the ground. Quite often the person born under this sign is ambitious and knows how to get what he wants out of life.

The Goat forges ahead and never gives up his goal. When he is determined about something, he almost always wins. He is a good worker—a hard worker. He is not a spendthrift and knows how to put something away for a rainy day; he dislikes waste and unnecessary loss. Capricorn knows how to make use of his self-control. He can apply himself to almost anything once he puts his mind to it. His ability to concentrate sometimes astounds others. He is diligent and does well when involved in detail work. The Capricorn man or woman is charitable, generally speaking, and will do what is possible to help others less fortunate.

As a friend, he is loyal and trustworthy. He never shirks his duties or responsibilities. He is self-reliant and never expects too much of the other fellow. He does what he can on his own. If someone does him a good turn, then he will do his best to return the favor. At times, the Goat can be overcritical of others.

He expects others to live up to his own high standards. He thinks highly of himself and tends to look down on others. His interest in material things may be exaggerated. The Capricorn man or woman thinks too much about getting on in the world and having something to show for it. He may even be a little greedy. He is too bossy. He is always trying to organize and correct others.

He may be a little narrow in his thinking. These are his two greatest qualities. His standards for himself are generally very high. He can always be relied upon by others. His word is his bond. Aquarius is perhaps the most tolerant of all the Zodiac personalities. He is never unkind or cruel. He feels a very strong tie between himself and all the other members of mankind. The person born under this sign, called the Water Bearer, is almost always an individualist. He does not believe in teaming up with the masses, but prefers going his own way. His ideas about life and mankind are often quite advanced.

Aquarius is community-minded. The problems of the world concern him greatly. He is interested in helping others no matter what part of the globe they live in. He is truly a humanitarian sort. He likes to be of service to others. Giving, considerate, and without prejudice, Aquarius have no trouble getting along with others. The Negative Side of Aquarius Aquarius may be too much of a dreamer.

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He makes plans but seldom carries them out. He is rather unrealistic. His imagination has a tendency to run away with him. Because many of his plans are impractical, he is always in some sort of a dither. Others may not approve of him at all times because of his unconventional behavior. He may be a bit eccentric. Sometimes he is so busy with his own thoughts that he loses touch with the realities of existence. Some Aquarius feel they are more clever and intelligent than others. They seldom admit to their own faults, even when they are quite apparent.

Some become rather fanatic in their views. Their criticism of others is sometimes destructive and negative. Kindly, he is often dedicated in the way he goes about helping others. The sick and the troubled often turn to him for advice and assistance. He knows how to accept people for what they are. On the whole, he is a trustworthy and earnest person. He is loyal to his friends and will do what he can to help them in time of need. Generous and good-natured, he is a lover of peace; he is often willing to help others solve their differences.

People who have taken a wrong turn in life often interest him and he will do what he can to persuade them to rehabilitate themselves. He has a strong intuitive sense and most of the time he knows how to make it work for him. Pisces is unusually perceptive and often knows what is bothering someone before that person, himself, is aware of it.

The Pisces man or woman is an idealistic person, basically, and is interested in making the world a better place in which to live. Pisces believes that everyone should help each other. He is willing to do more than his share in order to achieve cooperation with others. The person born under this sign often is talented in music or art. He is a receptive person; he is able to take the ups and downs of life with philosophic calm. They may feel that they have been given a bad deal in life and that others are always taking unfair advantage of them.

Pisces sometimes feel that the world is a cold and cruel place. The Fishes can be easily discouraged. The Pisces man or woman may even withdraw from the harshness of reality into a secret shell of his own where he dreams and idles away a good deal of his time. Pisces can be lazy. He lets things happen without giving the least bit of resistance. He drifts along, whether on the high road or on the low. He can be lacking in willpower.

Some Pisces people seek escape through drugs or alcohol. In matters of sex, they can be rather permissive. Clinton, Cecil B. Eisenhower, William Faulkner, F. The element indicates the basic makeup of the sign, and the quality describes the kind of activity associated with each. Signs of the same element share many basic traits in common. Further discussion of each of these sign groupings is provided on the following pages.

On the whole these are emotional, volatile types, quick to anger, quick to forgive. They are adventurous, powerful people and act as a source of inspiration for everyone. They spark into action with immediate exuberant impulses. They are intelligent, self-involved, creative, and idealistic. They are in constant touch with the material world and tend to be conservative. Although they are all capable of spartan self-discipline, they are earthy, sensual people who are stimulated by the tangible, elegant, and luxurious.

The thread of their lives is always practical, but they do fantasize and are often attracted to dark, mysterious, emotional people. They are like great cliffs overhanging the sea, forever married to the ocean but always resisting erosion from the dark, emotional forces that thunder at their feet. They are light, mental creatures desirous of contact, communication, and relationship. They are involved with people and the forming of ties on many levels. Original thinkers, they are the bearers of human news. Their language is their sense of word, color, style, and beauty.

They provide an atmosphere suitable and pleasant for living. They add change and versatility to the scene, and it is through them that we can explore new territory of human intelligence and experience. Through the water people, we are all joined together on emotional, nonverbal levels. They are silent, mysterious types whose magic hypnotizes even the most determined realist.

They have uncanny perceptions about people and are as rich as the oceans when it comes to feeling, emotion, or imagination. They are sensitive, mystical creatures with memories that go back beyond time. Through water, life is sustained. These people have the potential for the depths of darkness or the heights of mysticism and art. This combination is like a simultaneous storm of summer, fall, winter, and spring.

The danger is chaotic diffusion of energy; the potential is irrepressible growth and victory. They are staunch, stalwart, upright, trusty, honorable people, although their obstinacy is well-known. They are the translators of all energy. They often carry out or complete tasks initiated by others.