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A Virgo wife is thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate, and caring. She's incredibly reliable, practical, and willing to sacrifice for the greater good of her family. She's meticulous and constructively critical but gentle and never loud or domineering.

Wedding date astrology decoded.

Whether she's a stay at home wife or a career woman, around the home she's a fixer and a doer who pays attention to details, knows what needs to be done, and goes about it in an orderly efficient fashion. She's a feminine woman who never competes with her husband and is loyal and trustworthy but not easily intimidated. In the bed a Virgo mate, like all earth signs, is sensuous and has a pronounced love of the physical. However, they are fastidious and are not into demonstrative displays of emotions or anything over the top.

As in everything in their marriage,showing love to their partner is about actions not just words. What's essential for their mate to know is the emphasis they place on the details of making love and their fascination with technique. They fret a lot about getting things just right, especially where sex is concerned, but that's to the advantage of their partner. As it is said, practice makes perfect. However, they can also get into a routine - if it's working why change it- and this can become a problem with their marriage partner.

Virgos are big worriers, can get a bit uptight about sex and have great anxieties about their performance.

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So, it will be up to their spouse to praise, congratulate, and tell them how amazing they are, and to add a bit of spontaneity and variety. A Virgo spouse has a constant drive to improve and perfect everything and everybody, and this can lead to seemingly constant critiques. The problem is they are such perfectionists, they can't help worrying about all those trivial little things their mates don't think are very important. Although they mean well and their intent is to be helpful, a Virgo partner's domestic pickiness will definitely get on their partner's nerves and if their spouse doesn't know how to handle this, it's likely to start problems in the marriage.

The best advice for someone who's married to a Virgo is this: Clean up your act, have a sense of humor, and don't make a big deal out of their nit-picking and criticisms. Though it may not be important to you, it's important to them. From my experience, this house in the horoscope indicates the House of Relationships , dealing with your love and marriage issues.

The 7th House is astrologically seen as a house of intimate partnerships, like marriage specifically. If you are married to someone, then there must be a deep commitment of love between you two. Be patient and they will come to your life at the right time! Aside from telling you when you will get married, astrology can help predict your husband name also.

Remember, the moment Jupiter transits your 7th House, the higher chance you will meet your life partner. Jupiter tends to transits this house for nearly one year; this means you have the opportunity to take care of your love relationship as well as other favorable partnerships. You need time to feel sociable, affectionate, loving, generous, and capable of developing intimacy with others. Only if you have the confidence, you will have the courage to express yourself mannerly in the matrimony. Additionally, possessing the positive energy and optimistic perspective will attract more people so that you can engage in open and honest relationships.

During that period, you may also realize your love and gestures for the partner are greater than the affections you used to have when first married. Read more: Life Prediction by Date of Birth. Whether you are young or old, there are times you will start thinking about your future with a very special one. Nevertheless, planning your marriage is on another level.

It is even difficult especially when you have yet found your life partner. The purpose of this planning is to figure out the best time to get married, and you can receive the guidance using astrology and your zodiac sign. You probably either get married sooner or decide to stay single as your true love has not appeared yet.

No one can assure about your destiny in the future! Astrology has a simple rule that if you have mercury in 7th house of horoscope you will have marriage before the age of This rule always works. But fortunately, I have a simple rule of astrology for accurate prediction of marriage what? Yes, the time of birth is the key to accurate predictions. When someone comes to me for the prediction I always look into his past.

This helps me to determine the accuracy of the horoscope. This is important because sometimes a horoscope changes in the next minute. If the person has done mistake in his time of birth the horoscope I am reading, will not be what it should be. In that case, the prediction will go wrong. While the birth of baby it always takes minutes. When do you think the doctor should note the time of birth? Whatever is that, we should always check the past incidents for accuracy of dates given in horoscope.

When I am reading your horoscope the past incidents and your nature, habits, etc. I will explain first. Once everything is confirmed, I move further for the reading. Before I give you the tips to know exact marriage time prediction you can check out our paid marriage prediction report here. You can follow the simple rules of astrology to determine your marriage date on your own. For accurate marriage prediction , there are some old rules which is what we cannot ignore. The next thing is the seventh house of the horoscope which is factor A.

The zodiac sign is also given in the seventh house whose lord is another important factor to interpret about life partner. This is factor B. The delay caused in every event of our life due to Saturn and other malefic planets. More close factor A and B to the malefic planets, the more delay will happen in marriage. Then I check the period and sub-period of planets. If they are far away, the lord of the seventh house should be analyzed that how soon it would come in the period or sub period. You might be interested to know another article Will I get married this year or not.

Generally, we know a person who is close to us. Because when you will get married you will notice the features of your life partner are matching with the description of your D9 chart. In Marriage Horoscope Report I explain how will be your life partner by nature. The good and bad things about your life partner will be justified.

The complexion and appearance of your life partner will be well explained. Other than that I explain he will be handsome or not , his physic his height, how will be his overall personality. Most likely my predictions match with your life partner. If not you will have the marriage with a person to whom you will meet in the future.

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Here are a couple of principles to know at what age you will get married by astrology. Here I want to have your attention on Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. They are unpredictable. Rahu and Ketu in 7th house create obstacles before marriage and its hard to predict when will you get married and to whom. They give a totally opposite effect. Due to Rahu and Ketu whatever happens in life is just beyond your expectations. Saturn, in this case, does more and more delay.

The strongest ruling planet of your marriage tells where your marriage will happen. If your Sun is the ruling planet of your marriage, marriage will happen in East direction.

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If Mars is that, South will be best direction for your marriage. If Saturn is the strongest planet who is affecting the seventh house, your marriage will happen in the West and if Moon affects the seventh house with full power, you will marry where the river or sea exists.

In astrology, there is the ruling planet of everything. The difficult task is to determine that planet. That I do with my full attention. For post marriage prediction the seventh and eighth house is important. If the seventh house is surrounded by malefic the married life could be critical. If benefic planets are there in the seventh house or affect the seventh house with aspect, married life proves fruitful. In my report I tell in detail what will you get and what will you lost as per your horoscope. In the horoscope, the 8 th house is considered for in-laws.

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  6. How will be their relations with you? I believe If you get a detailed horoscope reading of your marriage, you will be able to determine the person in the first meeting when you meet your partner. Will you get married in In palmistry for marriage prediction, there is a line which is called the marriage line. The line of marriage gives the prediction of marriage but you cannot rely upon that because these predictions may be or may not be correct.

    If you want to know when will I get married the horoscope have many things to determine marriage date. Marriage time prediction is not the easy task.

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    But I have shared very common rules to know when will you get married. If you have any questions or queries you can feel free to ask me. Use the above form and send your date of birth time of birth and place of birth in clear format. Question: How will be my married life? Definitely, your Horoscope has the reason behind your behavior or your attitude towards your life partner and Critical situation of your planet result as married life issues if you want to know in detail how will be your married life you can check your Horoscope 7th house where you will have to find some planets indicating your future.

    In marriage horoscope report we will tell you in detail how will be your married life and how will be future after marriage. Question: Will he forget me?

    Online Marriage Prediction | Find Age of Your Marriage By Date of Birth

    Answer: This thing depends upon your planet in 5th house and 7th house. When you have no connection in 5th and 7th house in horoscope your partner will come into your life but the relationship will not be fulfilled. Other rule for this situation is if you have self-house planet in 7th house then your marriage will happen with the unknown person and to whom you want to get married he will get away from your life. Your partner must have the same situation in his horoscope.

    One more thing if you have no similarities in ascendant, moon horoscope or D9 charts then your partner will forget you. Guruji this is Rajiv. Sir my question is only that when will I get married?????

    Astrology and timing of events like marriage, job and death.

    I belong to a south indian family and its high time i get married 25 age according to my parents. My parents are forcing me to meet boys. I believe they are right from thier perspective. I like one person who is from very distant place north indian and i think he likes me too.

    I cant think of any other boy as i am too attached to him. I need help.. Please help! When i will get married? Is it will be love or arrange marriage? And i also want to know about my career?

    The Right Age For Your Zodiac Sign To Get Married, According To Astrology

    Hello, When will I get married? Is it going to be a love marriage or arranged? Dear Eesha, Your horoscope print is in front of me.